Hoy han llegado a la tienda los nuevos productos de la serie HEALTHY de KITCHEN CRAFT.

Os dejamos unas fotos de los artículos que más nos han gustado.

Maq.manual 5 funciones en 1Máquina Manual 5 funciones en 1

The ultimate food preparation tool! Grate, juice, press and chop with this 5 in 1 processor. Easy to use, the citrus juicer makes quick of lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruits! The salad spinner is perfect for drying washed salad in seconds, with the food chopping ideal for dicing onions, tomatoes and herbs in a blitz. Including a mixer for mixing sauces and beat eggs in an instant, the processor also includes a 5 blade mandoline with safety food holder for speedy slices and julienne strips. The all in one processor to slice, dice and spin your way to 5 a day

Botella infusore Botella infusora de agua

The tasty way to get your litre of water a day! Add your favourite fruit flavours to the water, with a removable  infuser chamber for keeping leaves, fruits, pips and seeds contained while allowing the flavours to infuse! Also perfect for making hot fruit and mint leaf teas.

378x378.fit.KCHEBOT1L_10Botella  de agua apilable de 1,1L

Quench your thirst with refreshing water, smoothies or juices packed with nutrients. This Kitchen Craft Water Bottle holds 1.1 litres (1¾ pints), which is just over ½ of your recommended daily water intake – so it’s great for when you’re on-the-go!

It also boasts sleekly-curved sides, making it easy to stack on top of other bottles – great when you’ve got a packed out fridge. Fill this transparent drinks bottle with your refreshment of choice – whether it’s a kale and blueberry smoothie or water infused with fresh lemon and mandarin. It’s cleverly designed so you won’t have any trouble fitting it in when you come to chill it in your fridge.

Need a refreshing sip when you’re on-the-go? No worries, this stackable drinks bottle’s threadless cap snaps on and off when you need a drink. No hassle to knock you off your stride – whether you’re in the office or on a run!